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Not to be confused with Member

Trusted Member can be considered the second easiest rank to obtain, although it is quite harder to obtain than Member since it requires you to be level 20 in the Discord Server, apply for the rank, and get voted positively by the staff.

The main difference is that this rank includes most moderation commands.

How to obtain:

Applying in the Discord Server after achieving level 20 and/or being trusted by the staff team and being accepted.


Trusted Member lost the ability to use Broadcast, and obtained one use of ASN Mute instead. This was more than likely meant to let Trusted Members transform as those commands share the same permission requirement.

After the 28th of May, 2022, everyone with Trusted Member or above could use transform on any player.

After the 4th of June, 2022, a player first had to type /transform 1 or /tf 1 in order to be able to be transformed by another player.

After the 5th of June, 2022, Trusted Member lost the ASN Mute perm entirely, removing it's restore and transform permissions. This decision was carried by [FT] to prevent The Mean Bean from absuing transform, and has been reverted

After the 23th of June, 2022, Trusted Member now has a role in Discord. It's hex is #47FFEC, and is below Moderator.


BOULE CAROTTE is one of the few watchlisteds to ever have an account above the Member rank. FzR remains as the only banlisted to have an account over the Member rank however, having a suspended Moderator account. It was given to BOULE CAROTTE by [FT] during a ruleless game.


Light Blue. (#00eaff)