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Transformable Tanks are ingame tanks that were added originally exclusively for Staff Members, under the purpose of them being an unfair alternative to the /kill punishment for teamers. Although after an update in 2022, Trusted Member was given permission to use this command. Honorary was given permission to use this command later on, and on the 28th of May, 2022, the command was edited and could now be used on any player, although on the 4th of June 2022 this was edited again and now this could only happen if the player that was to receive the command first typed /transform 1 or /tf 1, and on the 5th of June 2022, Trusted Member lost the ability to use this command entirely, although on the same day Rune Stones were added, which allowed people to obtain transform tanks.

Most of them are based off Bosses. Using any of these tanks is allowed in the Ruleless gamemode, and depending on the person, in Sandbox as well.

This page is outdated as after mid of April 2022, the Transform command includes every boss tank available in the Boss VS Boss gamemode.

Image Name Class ID Abilities Fantasy Tank Texture
Arena Closer (Transform).png
Arena Closer arenacloser

or arenaCloser

None No None
Summoner transform.png
Summoner summoner None No None
Pentagoner pentagoner None No None
Defender transform.png
Defender defender None No None
Hacker hacker None No None
Sentinel sentinel Big Ball (On pressing G) No None (Ammution has textures)
M110 SASS.png
M110 SASS opsniper None No None