Tankster Wiki


The spectator has a very "default" appearance, having no turrets or cannons. It is by default hidden, and invisible.



Being unkillable, it's used by most players if they don't want to play and just chat. unfortunately, overuse of this tank can cause the amount of actual players in the arena to drop so low that the server becomes more of a chatroom than an actual game.


On pressing G

Pressing G toggles visibility. This can be used to make your presence known. Some people abuse this ability to often distract player by spamming G to make them flash.

On right click

(No ability on right click)

On pressing X

The spectator has a wide enough FOV for some users. However, if this is not the case for you, pressing X can increase your FOV. When skill points are used in upgrades, max FOV is lowered. Can be used with Z for perfecting your preferred FOV.

On pressing Z

If the FOV is too large for you, or you accidentally made it too large using X, you can decrease your FOV using Z. Can be used with X for perfecting your preferred FOV.

Additional Info

  • Spectators cannot be killed by anything.
  • Spectators are also unable to damage anything.
  • Spectators can go through walls, like the Phaser.
  • Spectators can go out of the map borders.