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Pentagon Summoner is a large tank with the shape of a Hexagon. It can spawn pentagon drones, which are even stronger than triangle drones. Pentagoner, it's transformable counterpart, looks exactly the same, even being the same size.


It's a very large tank, to the point of being even bigger than some bosses. The drones are fairly strong, but all of this comes at the weakness of speed, as it's quite slow (same applies to it's drones) and won't be able to defend itself from fast tanks, particularly considering it's size. Against other drone tanks, it's also quite weak due to the massive size and slow speed, and is just not a good choice overall. It's a challenging tank to use, and this is something that every player should be aware of, as given it's lack of updates, it seems to hint it's just made as a challenge tank.

Pentagoner, it's transformable counterpart, for the most part is the same, although it's just slightly faster, has a very large amount of HP and the drones are exaggeratedly strong, being the strongest ones in the game, and they are well over capable of killing a player with one drone. Compared to the other transform tanks, it might seem weaker at first, but it's quite possibly the strongest out of them all, although requires a higher skill.


On pressing G


On right click

The drones with repel from the cursor. (This can be used to send drones offscreen or to surround an enemy)

Additional Info

- This is the least used transform tank, with Arena Closer being the most used one.

- As with every transform tank, the transformable version of Pentagoner received a massive HP nerf on summer 2021. It still has a very large amount of HP however

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