Tankster Wiki

Builds are specific combinations of the 40 upgrade points you gain when opening the game. They drastically improve various elements of your tank, and going without one is essentially suicide. Some tanks can have it's stats have more points than usual, like smasher and most of it's classes. For some tanks, it also gives a boost to your FoV to choose your build after you upgrade to the tank you will play as.

List of Builds

One-Shot Builds

These builds are designed to be used with one-shot tanks, like the ST-II.

Zhou's ST-II Build


This build was developed by Mr. Zhou for the ST-II. While it has amazing damage, its penetration is somewhat lacking. It is good for 1v1s, but ineffective in FFA.

Spank's ST-II Build


This build was developed by Spank for the ST-II. It has balanced bullet penetration and damage stats. It can be used not just on the ST-II, but any one-shot tank.

The #1 FFA Build


This build was developed by Spank for the ST-II. It is the best build in FFA.

The 73 ST-II Build


This build was developed by JTS.Dawnstar[] for the ST-II, with the goal being versatility. It can handle anything from 1v1s to teaming basics, though does not excel at anything in particular.



This build was developed by What The, for mainly ST-II. The goal is the same as the 73 build, but it has some body dmg and it's mediocre at most things.

Ramming Builds

These are builds for that are made for ramming. It can be used for any tank unless they have extended stats.

Cringe Ram (Used for bullet tanks)


This build was developed aleconline. Used for any bullet tanks with fast movement speed. Also made for tanks with abilities because he doesn't have hand to hand coordination.

Boss vs Boss Builds

These builds are designed to be used in the Boss vs Boss gamemode.

Battleship-X (Imagine's Build)


This build has ok Movement Speed and is good for dealing with rammers because of its high dmg.