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Unknowngalaxyfox Unknowngalaxyfox 9 June 2021

Ate a child

Disclaimer: All content on this page is only for fictional purposes. This event might have happened in a historic event, or it might not have. What is written below is entirely fictional.

So today, I ate a child! Now now, I know what you are thinking, but let me assure you it truly was worth it. The child was sitting helpless in a stroller, so I swooped in and took the lonely child away from it's parents that ditched it. I took it back to my home and took care of it. It cried ever time it saw my razor-sharp teeth-that is, until I hid them again. After a month or so, it had gotten used to me and my sharp teeth. Sometimes it even hugged a booth of mine, which really got me salivating just thinking about eating the child. One day I told it to n…

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