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The tank has one of the most basic designs. It has a single barrel attacked directly to the front of its body and it shoots normal bullets.



The tank is the most iconic figure from Diep.io/Arras.io. It has average stats, and shoots out bullets that have average damage, health and speed. It is not used a lot in Tankster.io, since it often serves as an easy target for rammers or much stronger tanks (e.g. Shockwave, ST-II), as it is not very good at countering them.


On pressing G

Many people don't know that this tank has an ability to teleport away while spawning into the game. This ability is only available until 30 seconds have passed since the time you spawned into the arena, or when you have teleported for the fourth time. This ability is useful for avoiding being spawnkilled, but you cannot choose where to teleport.

On right click


Additional Info

  • You will spawn as this tank every time you enter the game.
  • It is the hardest tank to get a very high score or WR (in a way), as it can be easily pulverised by higher upgrades, contrary to its Woomy counterpart
  • It is the most UP tank, though it is average in all its stats (yep, it is balanced)
  • Unlike its Diep or Arras counterparts, it does not flash for 30 seconds after spawning
  • It is the only tier 0 tank in the game. There was formerly another tier 0 tank, which was Spectator ( in Space Wars ). However Space Wars was removed and so was the spectator tank in the game mode.
  • Available in Diep.io? Yes
  • Available in Arras.io? Yes
  • Fantasy? No
  • HD? No
    Image taken by Caden

    A basic in spawn with a baby defender