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Looking for the Sarra.io variant?


The appearance mimicks that of the Diep.io Arena Closer, being an oversized Basic. The transformable version is somewhat different, having a smaller body and smaller cannon.


Contrary to what the name suggests, this tank is actually incredibly weak and should not be used other than for 1v1'ing. In contrast to this, the transformable version is one of the strongest tanks in the game, and is generally a good tank to use in nearly every circumstance, as it has a decent reload and very large amount of HP, besides having bullets that can nearly one shot two Beta Pentagons

Additional Info

- This is, quite possibly, the most used transform tank

- New players would get baited and use the normal version of the tank, which is very weak. This also used to result in Arena Closer not being used a lot in Boss VS Boss. This does not happen anymore as it has been removed from every gamemode, unless you use switcheroo on a transformed Arena Closer

- As with every transform tank, the transformable version of Arena Closer received a massive HP nerf during summer 2021. It still has a very large amount of HP however