Tankster Wiki

Tankster.io (formerly known as Arras.cc or Arras Fantasy Server) is a fan-made unofficial sequel to Diep.io and Arras.io. Created and developed by MTS, it has many interesting features waiting to be discovered by new players. It was originally considered as an Arras.io private server, but it eventually went its own way.

How to play

In Tankster, its main objective is the same thing as Diep.io/Arras.io. You enter the arena to kill other players, while keeping your own tank alive. Before you start the game, select the gamemode you want to play, enter your name, and click the play button (you can also press enter).

Once you spawned into the arena, choose your tank and set up your build. Use the WASD keys (or the arrow keys) to move your tank, left click (or pressing the spacebar) to shoot, use your cursor to change the aim of the tank, and press H to open up the text bar.

When you have the text bar opened, type in your message and press enter to send it. To close the chat bar, press the ESC button. It is ideal to type out a message when you are safe and far from any incoming threats to prevent yourself from getting killed while distracted on typing the message.

There are many other controls in this game. Press E to enable/disable autofire or attract drones, press C to enable/disable autospin (the tank will spin clockwise), press G to activate the tank's ability (right click or shift to activate a second ability), press R to disable AI in auto-turrets and drones and right click (or shift) to repel drones.


Tankster is a spinoff tank game to Arras.io and Diep.io. It has many interesting features, such as new tanks with realistic looks, an in-game chat, tanks with bizarre and unique abilities, new game modes, etc.

Tankster.io is the first to introduce new tanks with realistic looks/textures (HD) with also realistic ability graphic effects. Not only that some tanks are realistic, there are also unique and realistic ammunition. These tanks are considered as Fantasy Tanks. This game does also have ordinary tanks such as Twin, Machine Gun, these are classified as Non-Fantasy Tanks, due to their Non-HD texture in both the tank and ammo. Non-HD tanks with HD-textured ammo are also considered Fantasy Tanks. There are many unique mechanics in this game.

Many tanks have new abilities. Many of those include Movement Speed Boost, Explosion, Dark Vision, etc. Most of the abilities require you to press G to activate, but abilities come in different ways. Some tanks have more than one ability. The secondary ability can be activated by right clicking or pressing the shift button. Some abilities can just be activated upon contact with ammunition. These abilities can help you to gain high scores if used properly.

Tankster not only has the chat feature, you are also able to type commands in the text bar. The prefix for each command is /, it allows you to do little things like checking the time remaining for the server before restart, to doing big things such as moderating the server or loading the next maze.

As you keep playing the game, you may notice that some players have coloured names. Some may have green names, blue names, yellow names, orange-red names, etc. You need to sign up for a Tankster Membership account, under certain conditions in which will be provided when you join the Tankster Official Discord Server. Many wonder what do the colours stand for, so here we will explain. Players with GREEN names are the owners / trusted owners / developers of Tankster.io, the ones with ORANGE names are the administrators of this game, players with YELLOW names are moderators / senior moderators, PURPLE users are imposters (joke event role), TURQUOISE users are honorary members (staff members that resigned), CYAN users are trusted members (members that are trusted by the Tankster community), and BLUE, LAVENDER, and PINK users are normal members (blue = male, pink = female, lavender = non-binary). There is also a BLACK name, this represents members who have broken many rules. While the other colours contain moderation commands, people whose names are BLACK are blacklisted members, therefore have no permission to use any moderation commands.